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SYNOPSIS: Tinan University has one of the best basketball programs in the country. Led by their star player Jay Davis, along with Dewey Moore and Eric Robinson the Tinan Panthers are on the verge of greatness. From parties to women to drugs, these ballers experience college life on a "high". As the Panthers rise to national succes in the NCCA tournament, Jay Davis popularity grows. Despite his succes on the court, Jay is haunted by his past and suffers sleepless night. After three years of competing in the NCAA tournament, the Panthers make it to the Final Four. But when tragedy hits the team, Jay faces his greatest battle on and off the court.

CONCEPT: Director Damon P. Saleem's vision for "One Shot Too High" combines the innovation of Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull" with the edgy cinematography of "Laws of Gravity", to create a documentary-style story of a "Philly" ball player's attempt to balance basketball, life, and dependency.

FILM GENRE: "One Shot Too High" fits into the two distinct genres. First, the film's backdrop makes it an athletic film for sports fans. Second, its predominantly young, african american cast makes it an "Urban Based Drama". The cross-section of the audiences that support both genres suggest the profitability of "One Shot Too High". As the table below shows, the sports films of the past fifteen years have generated significant revenues.

Film Gross Revenue Studio
Any Given Sunday 75.53 mil Warner Brothers
Above the Rim 16.03 mil New Line Cinema
He Got Game  21.55 mil 40 Acres/ Touchstone
Raging Bull  23.35 mil United Artists
Rudy 22.7 mil Tri Star Pictures
Sunset Park 10.0 mil Jersey Films/Tri-Star

In addition, the Urban Films category has steadily grown over the last fifteen years, continuing to gain market share, as the table below shows:

Film Budget Gross Revenue Studio
Good Fellas  25 mil  46.84 mil Warner Brothers
Love Jones  3.91 mil 12.51 mil New Line Cinema
She's Gotta Have It 175 k  7.14 mil 40 Acres & A Mule
Straight Out of Brooklyn 450,000 2.71 mil Island
Taxi Driver    1.3 mil 6.3 mil Columbia

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