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Welcome to Third Eye Films, LLC
An independent film company established to film original scripts by established writers and filmmakers seeking to create films which their artistic and creative independence is utilized and maximized to the best of their abilities.

“Acting doesn’t fly in from the window somewhere, it comes from inside you. That’s the actor’s craft; using yourself to create a character.”
-Robert Duvall

 Damon P. Saleem - Actor, Writer, Director
Acting has been a part of my soul, since I was six years old.  I remember playing with my father’s hats and creating different characters and hearing my mother’s girlfriends ask, “Who is back there playing with Damon?” My mother would say, “No one, he’s just acting.”

Acting, writing, and directing is a three tier passion that I have as an artist.  This is where the name Third Eye Films is derived.  The independent film company is a limited liability company based in Philadelphia.  The company is currently in pre-production for the feature length film One Shot Too High.

In order for independent films to reach their full capacity several ingredients are needed to fulfill the goal such as a good script, solid locations, good cast, producers, and secure financial investments.  With the proper financing, Third Eye Films will be able to fulfill its obligation to making a solid feature film based in Philadelphia.  At the same time the company will use its industry resources to create the best distribution possible for the feature film.  In today’s entertainment media giant there are several ways for a film to find its buying market from theatrical, DVD and to cable television.  There is a market for Third Eye Film’s "One Shot Too High," for its investors and producers to gain artistic and financial success.

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